Lightning Protection

How does lightning protection work?

A lightning protection system provides a path for lightning to travel. When a building is equipped with a lightning protection system a lightning strike will be carried into the ground, saving the structure, its contents and its occupants from harm. A lightning protection system does not attract, repel or prevent a lightning strike. Today’s lightning protection systems are installed to blend with the style and materials of a structure, making the system practically undectectable from the ground.

What are the components of the system?

Numerous components constructed from highly conductive copper or aluminum alloys are used to install a lightning protection system. A system is intended to last the life of the structure it protects and only requires maintenance if the protected building is changed structurally. Air terminals (lightning rods), conductors (special braided metal cables), ground rods(copper or copper- clad rods driven into the earth), bonding connections and surge suppression are the main components of a lightning protection system.

Will electronic equipment be protected?

Yes, a lighting protection system will protect computers, electronic equipment and appliances. Today’s structures are especially vulnerable to damage lightning may cause to sensitive electronic equipment. To assure the highest level of protection, UL listed surge arrestors should be installed on electrical service panels.

What are the safety standards for lightning protection?

Nationally recognized safety standards for lightning protection system design and installation are maintained by the National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. These standards are designed to help ensure safe, effective protection from lightning. All materials and methods should comply with these standards. It is important to hire an experienced lightning protection contractor that is listed with Underwriters Laboratories.

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